Dec 19, 2022

Lawyers Give Back: This Holiday Season, We Support Youth Villages

By Anthony Legal,

As a parent, it’s hard to fully enjoy the holiday season, when so many families across the State are struggling and don’t have big holiday meals, presents under the tree, or a loving, supportive home. Some kids are just born into difficult situations, and their life follows a more difficult path than my kids may ever face. Youth Villages wants to help those kids. Youth Villages provides services to emotionally troubled children and their families through home-based counseling, group homes, foster care, special needs adoption, transitional living services and specialized crisis services. Their motto? “Every child deserves a chance.” I grew up down the road from a Youth Villages residential campus. It was an 82-acre wooded tract, with cottages and living quarters that was called–back then–Boy’s Town. I went to elementary and high school with the boys (and girls) who lived there. In fact, my school bus stopped there immediately after my house. Back then, I didn’t understand the difficulty and trauma that so many of them had been through (or were going through). Even though they were just one bus stop away, looking back, I can’t imagine all the little things about my own life that I took for granted, which these kids were missing. I am happy to support them this holiday season, and I hope you’ll consider joining me. The fact that they are still at that same location, more than 40 years later, is a testament to the good work they do. You can learn more about them and donate here.