Jan 19, 2023

Lawyers Give Back: This month we’re supporting The Equity Alliance

By Anthony Legal,

We’ve always been BIG FANS of specialty license plates around here. And we’ve spotted a new one around Nashville recently that looks like nothing we’ve seen before. All black with bold white numbers, it’s the long-awaited specialty plate of The Equity Alliance, and we got the chance to marvel at it while stuck in traffic behind “0001.”

Founded in 2017 by two Black women who call Nashville home—Charlane Oliver, now a Tennessee state senator, and Tequila Johnson, a longtime community organizer and successful campaign manager—The Equity Alliance is a grassroots organization working to boost the economic and political power of Black Tennesseans through voter mobilization and civic engagement. Like most grassroots organizations, it started small (and local), but in the years since its founding, it has grown to become a statewide powerhouse that is now synonymous with the ongoing fight for equity in Tennessee.

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